How Do I Verify My Company File?

QuickBooks includes a utility to verify a company file to check for damage.  Verifying a company file is a routine procedure.  To verify your company file, visit the File->Utilities->Verify Data menu selection.

File verification will proceed on its own, updating its status as shown below.  If you need to cancel the verification process, press Esc.

Under normal circumstances, the verification process will complete and not find any problems, as shown below.  Simply click Ok to return to other tasks.

In the event the verification process finds a problem, you’ll see the Warning screen shown below.  Click Close and proceed to use the Rebuild Data function to fix this problem.

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  1. John Walsh says:

    I’m using Quickbooks Pro Ver 7.4 and the company file will not backup. It goes through the motions of backing up but then keeps giving me a warning that the data has NOT been backed up.
    I cannot verify the data because the Utilities tab on the FIle menu is greyed out. It used to be available if I held down the shift key when opening Quickbooks but that doesn’t work anymore. I have tried reinstalling the program but that didn’t help either.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.