Can I Produce an Inventory Stock Status Report for a Single Vendor and a Range of Items?

Without a custom report, you can’t produce that exact report: an inventory stock status for a single vendor and a range of items.

Let’s review the flexibility available when generating the default report by visiting the Reports->Inventory->Item Stock Status by Item menu and clicking on the Modify Report… button.

To change what records are reported, click the Filters tab.

Multiple filters can be applied to narrow the records reported.  Unfortunately, this report does not offer the ability to choose the vendors whose products are included on the report, just a single Vendor Type.  In this example, we’ll choose vendors whose Vendor Type is set to Materials.

Like our first filter, our second filter doesn’t perfectly address the requested report, but it comes fairly close.  Move the slider in the Choose Filter box to Item and click on the pull down to select the type of filter to be applied to that entry.  The off-the-shelf QuickBooks report can’t filter a range of items with starting and ending points on the range.  This would be a practical necessity if there were a large number of items in the range.  However, the filter can select all of 1 item type, such as all services, or multiple items. If the desired range is small, choosing individual items has the same practical effect as entering a range.  In this example, we’ve selected 4 items: Cabinets, Cabinet Pulls, Light Pine, and Door Frame.

With those settings, our report will include those 4 items that also have a Vendor Type set to Materials.

Our filtered Inventory Stock Status by Item report doesn’t perfectly match the requested report, but we’ve managed to narrow the information reported considerably.  If you need to filter this information based on Vendor (rather than Vendor Type) and need to include a range of items because the number of items is too large to select individually, we can design a custom report that extracts just the information you need.

If you’d like more information on a custom report, just send us an email or submit our contact form.

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