QuickBooks 2012 Coming By September 26th

Intuit has announced that QuickBooks 2012 and Enterprise Solutions 12.0 will ship on September 26, 2011. That’s about 1 week later than last year, but it still gives users plenty of time to get the new version up and running before the end of year. We’ve already downloaded the software and have begun to prepare […]

Our New Forum, Part 2

We’re in the early stages of setting up a forum for new questions that aren’t covered by our QuickBooks KnowledgeBase. We had an active forum before but found the format wasn’t ideal for the material we wanted to present, so we closed it. Still, we missed the opportunity for easier interaction that it offered, so […]

QuickBooks Attached Documents

With the introduction of QuickBooks 2011, Intuit rolled out a new cloud-based document storage service: QuickBooks Attached Documents. QuickBooks Attached Documents allows a QuickBooks user to attach an unlimited number of documents to a transaction or list item and store the attachments on Intuit’s secure servers.  It replaces the Document Management service introduced with QuickBooks […]

What Is an Inventory Part?

An Inventory Part is one type of Item and is maintained on the Lists->Item List menu selection. See our article on all of the Item types supported by QuickBooks for more information. Generally speaking, Items are designed to pre-fill invoicing and purchasing forms. An Inventory Part represents an item that your firm keeps on hand […]

Have a Question Not Covered By a Topic In Our KnowledgeBase?

We’ve now completely moved our KnowledgeBase content from a forum format to an article-based approach, which offers better search capabilities. Unfortunately, dropping the forum format forced a change in how you might pose a new question. A forum can allow anyone to make a new post, but that’s not possible right now using our new […]

What’s New In QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0?

After spending some time exploring QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0 to discover the new features and changes, we came up with this table summarizing what we found. Most of the items in the table are links to articles in our KnowledgeBase. We’ve broken down the changes into our opinion on the different levels of […]

QuickBooks 2011 Coming By September 17th

Intuit announced last night that QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0 will be available by September 17, 2010, including via electronic download from our Buy QuickBooks page. On tap for 2011 are: A new Collections Center to make it easy to send overdue invoices to customers via email Support for batch invoicing Balance sheets by […]

Intuit Delivers R8 Update For QuickBooks 2010

Early today, Intuit announced the delivery of Release 8 for the QuickBooks 2010 series of products, including QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Simple Start 2010 and Enterprise 10.0. Along with a host of small fixes, the highlights of the changes in Release 8 are: QuickBooks letter templates are now compatible with Microsoft Word 2010 64-bit for some […]

Zoovy Web Store

A web-savvy client just drew our attention to a QuickBooks compatible web store, Zoovy. The company says they support bi-directional communication of invoices, sales receipts, customers, products and inventory with QuickBooks in this Zoovy overview. For QuickBooks customers looking to increase sales from a web store and not have to re-enter information, Zoovy might be […]

Online Sources For Historical Exchange Rates

One of the best online sources we’ve found for historical foreign exchange rates is OANDA’s Historical Exchange Rates. Their data stretches back to 1990, and access is free. They include multiple rates for each currency and can return data in HTML, ASCII, or CSV formats. A CSV format can be easily imported into Microsoft Excel […]