QuickBooks Clean Up Improves Performance

Just like a car, your QuickBooks company file needs regular maintenance to perform optimally. At a minimum, that maintenance should be performed annually. We refer to our specialized program to maintain a QuickBooks company file as our QB Tune Up, something QuickBooks users often generically refer to as a “clean up.” This is the among […]

Letting Inventory Levels Go Negative Results In Unreliable Numbers

A common problem for many inventory-based businesses is recording receipt of inventory before that inventory is billed to a customer. In retail settings, pressure to promptly take care of customers can lead to pressure to produce an invoice that hasn’t yet been received. Since producing an invoice is often a necessary first step to getting […]

QuickBooks 2009 Is Here!

Intuit made QuickBooks 2009 available for electronic download on Monday, September 29th. The new version brings with it a host of important changes, new products, and in at least 1 case, the migration of a included feature into a extra-cost add-on. We’ve prepared a short list of what we think are the most noteworthy new […]