How Do I Delete or Remove an Existing Loan From Loan Manager?

To delete or remove an existing loan from Loan Manager, follow these simple steps: Open Loan Manager from the Banking->Loan Manager menu in QuickBooks Highlight the loan you want to remove by clicking on it in the Loan List Click the Remove Loan… button Click Yes in the Remove Loan? window Here’s the main screen […]

How Do I Change an Onscreen Form Such As Create Invoices To Show More Line Items?

Making changes to the windows of QuickBooks is easy. Let’s use the Create Invoices window as an example.  By default, this window shows just 2 invoice lines.  In this article, we’ll change the default look.  An important point to keep in mind is that you should not close the Create Invoices window until you’ve completed […]

Are Credit Card Charges Included On a Cash Basis Report?

Yes, credit card charges are included on a cash basis report in QuickBooks. Credit card charges are generally considered paid for tax purposes when charged, and this is how QuickBooks treats these expenses. An internet search on this topic reveals a variety of unsupported claims about the application of this accounting treatment, specifically that it […]

How Does Quickbooks Handle Voiding a Check Dated In a Closed Period?

When you void a check, QuickBooks: changes the original amount of the check to 0.00 adds the text VOID: to the beginning of the Memo sets the cleared flag, Clr When you’ve specified that your books are closed through a given date, in addition to performing the above steps, QuickBooks gives you the option of […]

How Do I Make a Bank Deposit?

Always keep in mind that your goal when recording a bank deposit in QuickBooks is to match what you record to what you actually deposit. That means matching the transaction date, the amount, and the bank account to which you make the deposit. The steps to make a bank deposit in QuickBooks depend on your […]

How Do I Record a Gain or Loss On Funds I Transferred To a Foreign Bank Account?

Recording a gain or loss on funds transferred to a foreign bank account is accomplished by the Company->Manage Currency->Home Currency Adjustment menu selection. First, enter the Date for the currency adjustment and choose the Currency whose value you want to update. Click the Calculate Adjustment button to locate those balances potentially impacted by the changed […]

How Can I Transfer Funds Between 2 Bank Accounts Maintained In Different Currencies?

QuickBooks 2009 and Enterprise Solutions 9.0 (and later) support transactions in multiple currencies. Each account, customer, and vendor has an associated currency. Multi-currency support in QB does not extend to employees. Therefore, when you set up a bank account, you’ll specify the Currency used for that account, as shown below. In a company file (.qbw) […]