How Do I Change an Onscreen Form Such As Create Invoices To Show More Line Items?

Making changes to the windows of QuickBooks is easy. Let’s use the Create Invoices window as an example.  By default, this window shows just 2 invoice lines.  In this article, we’ll change the default look.  An important point to keep in mind is that you should not close the Create Invoices window until you’ve completed […]

How Do I Resort Lists?

Lists are one of the foundations of QuickBooks, and from time to time they can become out of order.  That’s when they need to be resorted.  Some common indicators that it’s time to resort your lists include: the list itself is out of order an element is missing new entries in a list appear at […]

What’s the First Step To Get Started With QuickBooks Payroll?

Both we and Intuit recommend that you start by printing the payroll setup checklist to insure you have the information necessary to complete the payroll setup interview. Here’s a link to the payroll setup checklist.

How Do I Compare QuickBooks Various Payroll Services?

Intuit offers 3 payroll services for companies: Basic Payroll, Enhanced Payroll, and Assisted Payroll.  There’s also a 4th payroll service, Enhanced Payroll for Accountants, targeted to accounting professionals providing services to clients.  Intuit provides an online PDF to compare its various payroll services. We prepared our own feature and cost comparison of QuickBooks payroll services […]

How Can I Display a List of All Names?

In QuickBooks, Customers, Customer:Jobs, Vendors, and Employees are called Names.  In transaction entry screens, the selection of a Name is filtered to include only the type of Names normally associated with that transaction type.  For example, when entering a Vendor Bill, the selection of a Name is filtered to only include Vendors. Sometimes, it’s helpful […]

How Do I Resolve a Paycheck That Incorrectly Calculates Payroll Taxes?

If this is the first time you’ve run payroll or issued a paycheck to this employee, it’s likely that incorrect payroll tax calculations are due to an incorrect setup. This article addresses the situation where previously issued paychecks to a given employee contained correct tax calculations, but a new attempt to produce a paycheck shows […]

How Do I Update My Payroll Software?

To update your QuickBooks payroll software, visit the Get Payroll Updates menu selection on the Employees menu. We recommend downloading the entire update, so be sure to select the radio button Download entire payroll update. Click the Update button. QuickBooks will begin the update process and will show a series of Payroll Update windows similar […]

Why Does Pay Scheduled Liabilities Show No Liabilities When Liabilities Do Exist?

We’ve seen cases where payroll liabilities are missing from the Pay Scheduled Liabilities block on the Payroll tab of Employee Center but the company has actual payroll tax liabilities. The screenshot below shows where all payroll tax liabilities should appear, but sometimes liabilities are missing. Typically, payroll tax liabilities can be confirmed by the Payroll […]

How Many Custom Fields Does QuickBooks Support?

For the 2010 version (QuickBooks 2010 and Enterprise Solutions 10.0), Intuit has increased the number of custom fields and provided for data validation in Enterprise Solutions. Compared to 2009, the number of custom fields for Names increased from 7 (out of 15) to 12 (out of 30), and for Items it increased from 5 to […]