What Are the Changes To QuickBooks Attached Documents For 2012?

Coinciding with the release of QuickBooks 2012, Intuit is making a variety of changes to QuickBooks Attached Documents, a cloud-based document storage system that has been available as an extra-cost add-on for users of QuickBooks 2010 and QuickBooks 2011. For QuickBooks 2010, Intuit’s document storage feature was called QuickBooks Document Management, and the changes impact […]

How Do I Unattach a Previously Attached Document In QuickBooks Attached Documents?

From time to time, you may find that you’ve attached a document to the wrong list item or transaction when using QuickBooks Attached Documents. It’s easy to unattach a previously attached document in QuickBooks Attached Documents once you consider some Attached Documents basics: Unless you want to remove a document from online storage, you can […]

QuickBooks Attached Documents

With the introduction of QuickBooks 2011, Intuit rolled out a new cloud-based document storage service: QuickBooks Attached Documents. QuickBooks Attached Documents allows a QuickBooks user to attach an unlimited number of documents to a transaction or list item and store the attachments on Intuit’s secure servers.  It replaces the Document Management service introduced with QuickBooks […]

How Do I Delete or Remove an Existing Loan From Loan Manager?

To delete or remove an existing loan from Loan Manager, follow these simple steps: Open Loan Manager from the Banking->Loan Manager menu in QuickBooks Highlight the loan you want to remove by clicking on it in the Loan List Click the Remove Loan… button Click Yes in the Remove Loan? window Here’s the main screen […]

How Do I Record a Debt Refinancing Where I Use a New Loan To Pay Off Several Other Loans?

A common business situation is to use a new loan to repay one or more existing loans, possibly raising cash in the process.  This is commonly referred to as a refinancing. QuickBooks includes a Loan Manager which can be run from the Banking->Loan Manager menu selection.  It’s important to understand that Loan Manager is primarily […]

What Does the Error “Unable To Open Statement” Mean When Using Intuit Statement Writer?

In some situations, users of Intuit Statement Writer (ISW) may encounter a problem where the program fails to open properly.  Intuit Statement Writer is a financial report writer introduced along with QuickBooks 2009 that makes use of Microsoft Excel. After clicking on the Intuit Statement Writer menu selection, Microsoft Excel opens to a blank spreadsheet […]

How Do I Find the Latest Release Notes for the Fixed Asset Manager?

Intuit summarizes the changes to the Fixed Asset Manager (FAM) component for in an HTML file stored on your local computer.  The release notes open the first time you start FAM.  After that, they’re available by selecting Help->Readme… on FAM’s menu (not the menu of QuickBooks itself!). Depending on the hard drive and folder in […]