How Do I Change the Number of Companies Displayed When Starting QuickBooks?

By default, QuickBooks shows the most recent 2 company files you’ve opened in QuickBooks, but this number can be easily changed. The program can display up to 20 companies. The most direct way to change it is to first open a company file, and then click on the Set number of previous companies… on the […]

How Can I Improve the Performance of QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a complex program that processes a lot of data.  As data is added to a QuickBooks company file (.qbw), loading and processing times increase.  Within the program, slower processing is usually seen when performing tasks that involve the entire company file, such as running utilities or preparing reports.  Since QuickBooks is typically used […]

What Are Sources and Targets?

Sources and targets are important concepts to understand reporting in QuickBooks and use of the Advanced Find function. Sources and targets are terms assigned by Intuit to describe transactions. In most instances, the source of a transaction is the summary or total of the transaction.  For example, the source of a check includes the amount […]

How Do I Resort Lists?

Lists are one of the foundations of QuickBooks, and from time to time they can become out of order.  That’s when they need to be resorted.  Some common indicators that it’s time to resort your lists include: the list itself is out of order an element is missing new entries in a list appear at […]

What Is the QBWIN.LOG File and What Function Does It Serve?

The QBWin.log file is a text file that stores information about selected QuickBooks errors and the results of verifying, rebuilding, cleaning up, or upgrading, or converting a company file. This file is created the first time you: run the Verify Data utility (File->Utilities->Verify Data) run the Rebuild Data utility (File->Utilities->Rebuild Data) run the Clean Up […]

How Do I Access the Tech Help Window From Within QuickBooks?

To access the Tech Help window from within QuickBooks, do the following steps with QuickBooks open: Press F2 to display the Product Information window With the Product Information window displayed, press F3 to open the Tech Help window Here’s a screenshot of the information available from the Tech Help window:

Where Is the QBW.INI File Located?

The QBW.INI file is normally located in the default QuickBooks installation directory.  That location depends on your QuickBooks version and your version of Microsoft Windows, which are outlined below. To avoid searching for files, the easiest way to locate the QBW.INI file is to open the Tech Help window. With QuickBooks open, open the Tech […]

What Is the Transaction Log File?

The QuickBooks transaction log file is a log of all changes about to be made to the company file (.qbw) before they are actually recorded in the company file.  It is stored in the same folder as the company file itself.  It’s automatically created by QuickBooks. The filename of the transaction log file is in […]

How Can I Use Reports To Assist Rebuilding a Damaged Company File?

QuickBooks reports can be a valuable complement to the process of rebuilding a damaged company file (.qbw).  After running the Rebuild Data utility, Intuit recommends that you proceed through these steps in the order listed to identify data damage that the rebuilding process repaired and to confirm that further data problems don’t exist. 1.  Examine […]