What Are the Service Changes for Exchanging an Accountant’s Copy In QuickBooks 2011?

Beginning with QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0, accountants and their clients that need to exchange Accountant’s Copy files via Intuit’s secure servers will incur a fee of $9.95 per year. Users can continue to exchange files using email other than QuickBooks Email or using a physical device, such as a USB drive. Users of […]

How Does an Accountant Work With Client Data In an Accountant’s Copy File?

The Accountant’s Copy file in QuickBooks is an easy way for a company to transfer data to a third-party, such as an accountant.  In an article on our blog, we’ve described how a company can easily transfer an Accountant’s Copy export file (.QBX) to us using Intuit’s secure servers.  This file could be delivered via […]

What If a Client Working With an Accountant’s Copy Import File Receives a Message That the Import Failed?

Sometimes, a client working with an Accountant’s Copy import file (.qby) may encounter a problem when attempting to import an accountant’s changes. In QuickBooks 2009, the import process will successfully import those changes and transactions that can be made, leaving those changes or transactions that produced an error condition.  In earlier versions of QuickBooks, processing […]

How Does a Client Import an Accountant’s Work From an Accountant’s Copy Import File?

To import an accountant’s work prepared in an Accountant’s Copy import file (.QBY), the first step is to receive and save the .QBY file on your computer.  Given the small size of most .QBY files, this file is normally transmitted via email. For background, use of an Accountant’s Copy in QuickBooks is an easy way […]

How Does an Accountant Working With Client Data From an Accountant’s Copy File Return Completed Work To a Client?

The approach you use to return completed work to a client depends on which way you opted to work with the Accountant’s Copy export file (.QBX) file at the outset.  Intuit does not provide electronic communications to transmit completed work to a client however you chose to work with the file initially.  The simplest electronic […]

What Are the File Types Used By QuickBooks and How Are They Used?

QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions make use of the following file types: File Types for Common User Tasks: File Types for Backing Up, Importing/Exporting, and Exchanging Data: File Types for Working With An Accountant: The information contained in the tables in this article is also available as a downloadable PDF of QuickBooks file types.

How Do I Export Transactions from QuickBooks?

QuickBooks supports 2 methods to export transactions: The Export… button on the Find window Exporting from a Center, such as the Customer Center The first method supports exporting a transaction type for more than 1 customer, vendor, or employee. This is appropriate where you need to analyze or exchange a broad but filtered set of […]

Does Intuit Offer Support For IIF Files?

Unfortunately, no. Intuit’s policy is stated in this Intuit knowledgebase article. Intuit Interchange Files are delimited text files that can be used to import and export data when working with a QuickBooks company file (.qbw). While the ability to use IIF files is still included in QuickBooks, most newer programs have adopted techniques that make […]

What Are the Capabilities of IIF Files?

Intuit Interchange Format (IIF) files are delimited text files used for import and export operations with Intuit data files, such as a QuickBooks company file (.qbw). In QuickBooks, IIF files have some important limitations, which are discussed in this Intuit knowledgebase article. These files: can’t be used to import linked transactions, such as a link […]

Can I Import Data to QuickBooks From Microsoft Excel?

Yes, subject to certain limitations. You can only import list data into 1 of 4 lists: Customers Vendors Items Accounts You can import either in Microsoft’s supported workbook format (.xls or .xlsx, depending on your version of Excel) or CSV format. Intuit offers a free Import Excel and CSV Toolkit, which includes a PDF manual, […]