How Can I Improve the Performance of QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a complex program that processes a lot of data.  As data is added to a QuickBooks company file (.qbw), loading and processing times increase.  Within the program, slower processing is usually seen when performing tasks that involve the entire company file, such as running utilities or preparing reports.  Since QuickBooks is typically used […]

What Is the Transaction Log File?

The QuickBooks transaction log file is a log of all changes about to be made to the company file (.qbw) before they are actually recorded in the company file.  It is stored in the same folder as the company file itself.  It’s automatically created by QuickBooks. The filename of the transaction log file is in […]

What Are the Errors Tied To the Integrated PDF Converter From Amyuni Technologies?

Printing problems, especially printing to a PDF using the integrated driver, are a common problem area.  As a result, there is a long series of similar errors, including: Error Code 2 Error Code 5 Error Code -20 Error Code 20 Error Code 21 Error Code 22 Error Code 30 or -30 Error Code 32 Error […]

What Does a Runtime Error Such As R6025 Mean?

According to Intuit, the error “Runtime Error! Program: C:Program FilesIntuitQuickBooks [Year]qbw32.exe R6025 – pure virtual function call” can occur when opening or closing QuickBooks. Here’s a screenshot of the actual error message: The exact cause or this error hasn’t been determined. Intuit recommends these steps to reduce the chance of this error recurring: shorten any […]

What Does a Fatal Error Referring To the License Utility Mean?

According to Intuit, the following error can occur when starting QuickBooks: Fatal Error: Function: LicenseUtility::Initialize Signature:bool_cdecl LicenseUtility::Initialize(void) File:..srcLicenseUtility.cpp Line:431 The error has multiple possible causes: Microsoft’s .NET framework is not functioning properly Windows Protected Storage service is stopped or disabled Your QuickBooks installation is damaged Your Windows operating system is damaged To troubleshoot this problem, […]

What Is REBOOT.BAT and How Do I Run It?

In QuickBooks, reboot.bat is a batch file located in the QuickBooks program folder that re-registers .DLL and .OCX files under Microsoft Windows. Repairing a QuickBooks installation also re-registers these files, along with performing other repair steps, so if you’re planning to repair your QuickBooks installation or if you’ve just completed that troubleshooting step, you don’t […]

How Do I Repair My Quickbooks Installation?

To repair your QuickBooks installation, follow the steps in this Intuit knowledge base article.

How Do I Perform A Clean Install Or Clean Uninstall Of Quickbooks?

To perform a clean install or clean uninstall of QuickBooks, follow the steps in this Intuit knowledge base article.

How Do I Rebuild a Damaged Company File?

QuickBooks includes a utility to rebuild a company file in the event the file becomes damaged. Rebuilding a company file is an appropriate step in these circumstances: verifying the company file (.qbw) failed the verify utility returns a b-check error payroll forms display incorrectly In QuickBooks 2004 and 2005, a company file can be rebuilt […]