Did the Multi-User Capability of QuickBooks Pro Change For 2011?

Yes, it did. For QuickBooks Pro versions prior to QuickBooks Pro 2011, a multi-user configuration could consist of up to 5 users.

For QuickBooks 2011, that has been reduced from 5 users to 3. The maximum number of users allowed under QuickBooks Premier 2011 remains unchanged at 5.

However, because QuickBooks Pro and Premier share the same file format, it might be possible to create a configuration of 3 users running QuickBooks Pro and 2 users running Premier. That would spare a firm from upgrading all 5 licenses from Pro to Premier.

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  1. I just got off the phone with QB support and they told me not to mix and match QB Pro and QB Premier as it may (will) lead to datafile corruption. This goes against your suggestion above. I’m obviously concerned about data integrity. Do you have experience running in mixed environment without problems? Thanks.

    • I’d call Intuit back and ask the question again. Not every customer service person has the same experience or skill level, and if the person is motivated to maximize sales dollars, you’ll hear a recommendation that every workstation should be Premier. We’ve worked with plenty of mixed Pro/Premier installations, and we’ve never observed data corruption as a result of the mix. We don’t have QB Pro (only QB Premier Accountant), and we regularly receive QB Pro files from clients for modifications. We make the modifications using QB Premier Accountant and return the company file for regular use by the client; we’ve never heard a complaint. Your comment mixes a couple of thoughts: “may” lead to data file corruption is not the same as “will lead.” “May” often comes with a lot of qualifiers, as in “I may be hit by a falling asteroid tomorrow, but such an event is extremely unlikely.” Data file corruption from mixing Pro and Premier is about as likely as being hit by an asteroid. It’s extremely unlikely, so don’t bet the rent money on it.

  2. WOW too much bureaucracy to run a software firm, is like politicians’ promises, the software is not getting better, nor the new features, I never need them, i need my old multiuser capabilities to run as when I was able to host them in a NAS, of course you need to create tunnels so you can tax them, and then we have to pay for a cheap controlled service, and as an advantage for your mediocre software we fear if we don buy your useless technical support. etc etc corruption in quality software will made stronger open source software.

    • QB is a very mature product, so new features are often refinements. Also, although every feature in QB may not be to your liking, the software is developed for a very large business audience. If you have specific suggestions on how to improve QB, pass them along to Intuit. That’s the best way to improve the odds that they are incorporated in future product versions.