Do Deposits Appear In a Center, Such As the Customer Center?

Deposits don’t appear in a Center, such as the Customer Center under normal circumstances.

The 3 Centers (Customer, Vendor, and Employee) only include transactions where the transaction source matches the Name shown in the Center.  For a Deposit, a customer is not considered the transaction source.  Instead, it’s the target.

Sources and targets are an important concept in QuickBooks.  For more information, see our article on sources and targets.

If you record a Deposit via the Make Deposits window, the source is the bank account.  Even if you enter a Name in the Received From field, that Name is associated only with targets, not the source.  There’s no way to assign a source Name in the Make Deposits window.

However, if you open the Register for the bank account to which the funds were deposited, you can edit the Name assigned to a Deposit.  Under normal circumstances, a Deposit could be made up of funds from multiple Names, so QuickBooks doesn’t assign a Name to the Deposit.

The first 2 entries on the screenshot below are typical deposits where no Name was assigned.  The third entry is a Deposit made via the Make Deposits window but where we’ve edited the Name in the bank account register to include a Customer:Job name.  This edited Deposit does appear in the Customer Center for that Customer:Job, as shown below.

While it’s technically possible to make a Deposit appear in a Center, we don’t recommend it.  A Deposit made up of funds from multiple Names can never be made to appear in a Center for more than 1 Name, since only 1 Name can be assigned to the sourceThat makes expecting Deposits in a Center very unreliable – something that is never a good idea for an accounting system.

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  1. this article is exactly what i was looking as part of the deposits did not appear in customer center.
    Now I understand why…but still unclear to differentiate sources and target when posting deposits from clients

  2. Matt Koz says

    Thanks for your guide on this topic!

    For my organization, I often need to look up all of the donations or purchases a single customer has made in the past fiscal year.

    Given that all of their donations are entered via Make Deposits, is there a way to generate a report with this information?

    Thanks again!

    • Chief Mechanic says

      You are better served recording donations as sales receipts (which is like an invoice except it is paid in full as part of a single form entry). Sales receipts would appear in Customer Center.

      However, you can prepare a custom transaction detail report and set filters for a single name (customer) and transaction type (deposit). If you recorded that name on the deposit, the transaction will appear on that report.