Does QuickBooks 2011 Offer New Ways To Send Forms?

Yes. Starting with QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0, in addition to Outlook and QuickBooks Email, QuickBooks users can choose to send forms, such as invoices or statements, via web-based email systems, including:

  • Gmail
  • Hotmail/Live
  • Yahoo
  • Other SMTP email

Here’s a screenshot of the Send Forms sub-menu of the Edit->Preferences menu selection:

Users of versions prior to QuickBooks 2011 have more limited methods to send forms.

With the addition of new web-based email options, Intuit removed QuickBooks Email as an option unless you’ve paid more to be an active subscriber to another Intuit supported service, including:

  • Intuit Payroll
  • QuickBooks Merchant Services
  • ProAdvisor Program
  • Accountant’s Copy File Transfer
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Full Service Plan
  • QuickBooks Billing Solutions
  • Intuit Solution Provider Program
  • QuickBooks Pro/Premier Plus
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  1. I’m one of those very unhappy people who now has to Pay to send out invoices from QB 2011. None of the other features included in that pay service are of any value to me whatsoever. In fact, it creeps me out that QB can wiggle into my system and then send me e-mails to tell me who owes me what or when is my next billing?

    Anyway, I found something on QB that none of the people in Tech Support can explain. Maybe someone can for me.

    Once you are in the home page for the QB Billing Solutions, near the top there is a link to Frequently Asked Questions. If you scroll down, here is what you will see:

    Can I e-mail forms from QuickBooks *without* signing up for Billing Solution?
    A: *Yes*. You can e-mail invoices….for free from QuickBooks. To-email, you just need to create a login. You will be walked through the set-up the first time you try and e-mail.

    Can anyone help me with this?! I’m appalled that I have to pay $15/month to send out invoices. I want to e-mail the invoices out for my clients, so that when that e-mail arrives in the boxes of my client’s clients — it will arrive under the banner of my client’s name, and not my personal e-mail address. I am just the “ghost writer” if you will for my clients. If their clients have questions, then the question goes directly to my client —- not to me.

    Thank-you !

    • Barbara, you can send invoices from within QB without paying a fee. QB 2011 supports several methods, including Outlook, Web Mail, and Intuit’s own QuickBooks E-mail. QuickBooks E-mail is free while your product is current. Since you want to send out emails for your clients addressed as if they came from the client (rather than from you), you’ll need to have each client using its own company file. Then, visit the Send Forms menu selection on the Edit->Preferences menu in each individual company file to configure the form sending options for that company. Hope that helps.