Has the Cancellation Policy For QuickBooks Online Edition Recently Changed?

Yes. According to Intuit:

Effective September 16, 2010, all QuickBooks Online subscribers who cancel their service agreements will have their QuickBooks Online company data converted to a read-only format, which will remain accessible for 15 days from the date of cancellation. This change will impact customers activating new QuickBooks Online subscriptions, starting September 16, 2010, and will also apply retroactively to customers who have canceled their subscriptions since September 16, 2009. Before canceling a subscription, please have your clients export their data or save reports to their computers as needed for tax purposes.

Since most, if not all, Online Edition subscribers that cancel the service have probably just completed a successful export process, the impact of this change is negligible. Previous versions of the cancellation policy gave subscribers more leeway to solve problems discovered after canceling.

Under the new policy, it’s important to make canceling the service the last action you take. Be sure to record all transactions, export your data, and test the reliability of the exported data before canceling. Adequate testing may mean an extra month of service fees, but that price will seem cheap if you cancel and discover a problem with the data outside the 15 day window allowed under this new policy.

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