1. Using JEs as workaround has a limitation when one works with inventory that is, if a vendor is buying one product and supplying raw materials (which are tracked) then only first method can work.

    • Chief Mechanic says

      I’m not sure how that blocks the second method from working. Supplying raw materials triggers a vendor bill, which you’d enter in the normal course of business like any other bill. Buying a product would trigger a customer invoice which would be produced in the same fashion as other customer invoices. These methods only deal with closing those original transactions and are financial in nature, so you still should be able to use GJE’s. You’re right that GJE’s do not support using items. If you need to use items in an entry similar to a GJE, you need to use a zero balance check – which is like a GJE in the entries it records but does support items. But to close out the transactions described, the items that were part of the original bill and invoice don’t really play a role.

  2. Thanks, I used the second method and it worked great. One problem though, in the vendor account, the open balance is now 0, but the journal entry is not linked to the bill so the bill still pops up in unpaid bills! How I fix that when using the 2nd method?

    • You still need to pay the bill using the GJE. The best way to do this is to make the bill payment by itself; that is, don’t include it with other bill payments where you may be issuing checks. The bill will be paid with the GJE, but you won’t be cutting a check. QB will address this special situation with a window informing you that you paid bills but didn’t have to print any checks. That will link the bill and the GJE, and once complete the bill won’t appear on your unpaid bills list.

      • QB Since 1998 says

        Another option is that you can go into Pay Bills, select that bill & then click on SELECT CREDITS. Click the credited amount, hit DONE & then hit PAY SELECT BILLS. QB will create a check with zero amount in the bank register and now show the bill as paid.