How Can I Display a List of All Names?

In QuickBooks, Customers, Customer:Jobs, Vendors, and Employees are called Names.  In transaction entry screens, the selection of a Name is filtered to include only the type of Names normally associated with that transaction type.  For example, when entering a Vendor Bill, the selection of a Name is filtered to only include Vendors.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to be able to review a list of all Names in one place, especially when trying to follow a consistent pattern if an entity appears on more than 1 list.

To display a list of all Names, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Write Checks window by clicking on the Banking->Write Checks menu selection or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + W
  2. In the Pay to the Order of field (ie, the check payee), use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + L to display a list of all Names
  3. Add the Name List window to the Icon Bar by clicking on the View->Add “Name List” to Icon Bar… menu selection
  4. Assign a Label and Description to the new window
  5. Optionally, change the default icon selection that will appear in the Icon Bar to represent the Name List
  6. Click Ok

You now have a list of all Names in an easy-to-access window. The list provides a consolidated window of 4 pieces of information: Active Status, Name, Name Type, and Balance Total.

Note that the Write Checks window was used to access all Names because a check can be written to all of the different Name types and by-passes the filtering set by QuickBooks on different transaction types.

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