How Can I Find Out Which Reimbursable Expenses I Haven’t Billed To a Customer or Client?

To find out which reimbursable expenses you haven’t billed to a customer or client, click on the Reports->Jobs, Time & Mileage->Unbilled Costs by Job menu selection to produce the Unbilled Costs by Job report.

For more information on handling reimbursable expenses, see our related articles on enabling automatically invoicing customers for reimbursable expenses, what distinguishes a reimbursable expense from other expenses, invoicing a customer for reimbursable expenses, and removing expenses from the list of billable expenses to be invoiced to a customer.

Here’s a sample of the output:

If that report is not available in your edition of QuickBooks, you can create the same report by clicking on the Reports->Custom Transaction Detail Report menu selection and changing the parameters for this report.

Here’s how to modify a Custom Transaction Detail Report to be identical to the Unbilled Costs by Job report:

  1. Starting on the Display tab, change the Report Date Range to All
  2. In the Columns block, deselect these columns: Num, Name, Class, Clr, Split, Debit, and Credit
  3. In the Columns block, select these columns: Source Name, Billing Status, and Amount
  4. In the Total by pulldown list, locate and select Customer
  5. Click on the Filters tab and in the Choose Filter scrolling list, locate and click on Billing status
  6. Click on Unbilled as the Billing Status
  7. In the Choose Filter scrolling list, locate Detail Level and click on All except summary
  8. In the Choose Filter scrolling list, locate Account and select all the accounts shown except accounts of these types: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Income
  9. Click on the Header/Footer tab and in the Report Title field, change the title of the report to Unbilled Costs by Job
  10. Click Ok to produce the report

Here are the tabs you’ll need to modify.  The Display tab:

The Filters tab (after applying 1 of 3 filters described):

The Header/Footer tab:

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