How Can I Record Vehicle Mileage As a Reimbursable Expense?

To record vehicle mileage as a reimbursable expense, you first need to set up the vehicle in the Vehicle List and the Service or Other Charge Item that represents the rate at which customers will be invoiced for mileage

Once these preliminary steps have been completed, click on the Company->;Enter Vehicle Mileage… menu selection to record the mileage for a trip.

To make this trip a reimbursable expense, be sure to check the Billable checkbox, specify the appropriate Customer:Job, and choose the Item you previously created that is the source for your invoice description and the rate at which you will invoice your customer.  Enter your Notes for the trip – you’ll have the option of incorporating this information into the customer invoice later.

Click the Save & Close or Save & New button to save your work.

Next, click on the Customers->Invoice for Time & Expenses menu selection to start a new customer invoice and add mileage expenses to it.  Select the Mileage tab.  Unlike reimbursable expenses that appear on the Expenses or Items tabs, you have more control over how information is transferred to a customer invoice for expenses that appear on the Time or Mileage tabs.

Click the Options… button to specify how information will be transferred to a customer invoice.  You can opt to use the Notes you entered when you recorded the mileage (Transfer activity notes), use the description you specified when you created the Item (Transfer item descriptions), or both (Transfer both notes and descriptions).  You can also choose to have each trip appear as a separate line item or to combine trips that use the same service item and rate.  If you opt for the latter, only the item description will appear on the customer invoice.

Click Ok to close the Options for Transferring Billable Mileage window.

Select the mileage expense items that you’d like to include on a customer invoice and click Ok.  The expense items you selected will appear using the options you specified.  Complete the invoice and save your work.

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