How Do I Receive a Special Order Item On a Sales Order In POS?

To receive a special order item into inventory that has been ordered by a customer (i. e., on a sales order in POS), start by clicking the Receive Items button or visiting the menu selection Purchasing->New Receiving Voucher. Note that the buttons visible on the toolbar are configurable, so you may need to modify your toolbar to see the Receive Items button.

This article is part of a related series of articles covering adding a new sales order with a special order item, generating a purchase order for that item and emailing it to the vendor, receiving the special order item into inventory, and recording the sale or shipment.

There are many ways to start the receiving process. In this example, we’ll begin by searching for or entering the purchase order (PO) number. That’s the number on which we ordered the goods being received. Once POS locates the PO, we have a choice of receiving All Items or Selected Items.

We’ll click Selected Items to enter the items and quantities received. If there were multiple items or partial deliveries from vendors, the Select Items to Receive window provides an ability to record exactly what was received. Since we only had 1 item on our order, and the quantity ordered was only 1, we’ll click Select All to speed up receiving the special order item into inventory.

Because this item was a special order for a specific customer, POS displays that customer and provides the ability to view the customer order by clicking the Show Cust Order button. This helps to insure that the goods received match what the customer ordered and to contact the customer to arrange for delivery or pickup.

Because the cost of this item ($50) is different from what we recorded when we added the special order item, POS provides an opportunity to update item prices before saving this voucher. This is a valuable tool to insure that costs and prices have a rational relationship.

Click Save Only or Save & Print to complete receiving this shipment into inventory. All that remains of the process of taking and fulfilling a customer order for a special order item is to deliver the goods to the customer and record the shipment.

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