How Do I Record the Sale of a Special Order Item On a Sales Order In POS?

To record a sale of a special order item on a sales order in POS, start with the list view of sales orders.

This article is part of a related series of articles covering adding a new sales order with a special order item, generating a purchase order for that item and emailing it to the vendor, receiving the special order item into inventory, and recording the sale or shipment.

To display the list of open sales orders, click Customer Order List button on the POS Navigator and choose Sales Order List from the menu. You can also access open sales orders by clicking on the Sales Order button on the toolbar. Note that the buttons visible on the toolbar are configurable, so you may need to modify your toolbar to see the Sales Order button.

From the list view of sales orders, choose Sell Item(s) from the I Want To… menu or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F7.

On the Select Items to Sell window, you can record the sale of the entire order by clicking Select All or just a portion of it. Partial shipments are accomplished by entering a Doc.Qty less than the Due quantity for some or all of the items. The order shown below has only 1 line item. Enter either the Doc.Qty for each line or click the Select All button, followed by Continue. For sales orders with many lines where a sale is being recorded for complete delivery of most but not all line items, it’s easier to select all the items first and then change the Doc.Qty only on those lines receiving partial shipments. If shipment quantities aren’t correct on this window, you’ll have an opportunity to change them before completing the sale.

In the New Sales Receipt window, you can add additional items to this sale, edit or remove the existing items, and record shipping information. On the Shipping window, you can choose from multiple shipping addresses already on file or add a new one. Address changes can optionally update the customer’s information or be used on this order only.

Once a shipping address is selected, enter the Shipping Details and click Ok.

When we return to the sales receipt, shipping information and the sales receipt total are updated. In this example, we opted not to add shipping charges, because the customer has previously placed a deposit to pay for the sales order in full. The Total reflected on this screen does not reflect the amount unpaid after taking into account deposits, even deposits already applied to this sales order. It’s the total of the sale before deposits are deducted. If we did added additional shipping charges to this receipt, we’ll have an opportunity to collect payment for them as well as apply the customer’s deposit at this point. Click the Take Payment button.

In the Receipt Payment window, the $100 deposit received with the original sales order is shown. That deposit pays for the order in full. If we had caused the sales order to exceed the original deposit by adding additional items, changing order quantities or prices, or adding shipping charges, we could collect and enter payment. If there were no changes to the original sales order and the application of the deposit is correct, click Save or Save & Print Receipt.

That completes the process of recording the sale of a special order item in QuickBooks POS.

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  1. Roberta Wessells says

    Thank you SO MUCH! I have been searching for how to record sales of items taken or delivered when they were paid for in advance. This is the first site that actually answered the question!!!!