How Do I Reinstall a 2010 QuickBooks Product If My Original CD or Download Has Become Damaged?

If you need to reinstall any of the 2010 series of products (QuickBooks 2010, Enterprise Solutions 10.0, Point of Sale 9.0, or Cash Register Plus 2010) but your original CD or download has become damaged, you’ll need to re-download your QuickBooks product. Download links appear below.

To complete the installation using the software you download from these links, you’ll need both the product code and the license number from your original purchase. If you originally downloaded your product, this information would have been included in your email from Intuit following your purchase; otherwise, it would have been included on a label on your CD envelope.

Visit one of the links below to re-download your paid-for version of QuickBooks:

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  1. I was getting an error 1334 on quickbooks 2010 after an update. I did a clean uninstall. NOW I am getting a couple other errors when I try to re install the disc. It wont let me install it. Can someone please help.

  2. hi, I’ve having trouble re-installing quickbooks pro 2010 (changed laptop). I don’t have the disc but followed directions above, all good until it asks for licence details. I entered details as per quickbooks on old laptop but I get error message stating that details not valid? confused! any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance

    • Chief Mechanic says

      Unfortunately, Intuit is the one to answer this question, but you better tackle it right away, because your ability to get support for QB 2010 will disappear in May 2013. Good luck.

  3. David Summerlin says

    My computer service man said that “blue screen” problem was related to Quickbooks Pro 2010 Premier. I have un-installed the software for 2010 and am trying to re-install the 2010 version and can’t find any site that will help me. Now I have no Quickbooks to work with. Is there no site that can help me?

    • Chief Mechanic says

      David – What specifically is the hang up in the installation process? Do you have your original CD or the download file? Does it install? Remember, once you install QB 2010, be sure to update the software to the latest release on the Help menu.

  4. Thank you so much for providing this helpful information! I couldn’t find any help on the Intuit site about this…