How Do I Remove Some Expenses From the List of Billable Expenses To Be Invoiced To a Customer or Client?

Sometimes, after recording an expense as billable to a customer or client (in other words, it’s a reimbursable expense), you need to change it to an expense for which you won’t seek reimbursement.  More technically, this is called resetting the billable status flag.

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There are 2 basic methods to accomplish this:

  1. Re-visit the transaction screen where you first recorded the expense and remove the checkmark from the Billable? field
  2. Use the Hide field to change the billable status of the expense

If you’ve already created a reimbursable expense, you’re familiar with this process, so we’ll omit the discussion of the first method because it involves simply reversing what you previously did.

For the second method, click on the Customers->Invoice for Time & Expenses menu selection.  Select the Customer:Job to whom the reimbursable expense was first assigned.  Be sure to check the setting Let me select specific billables for this Customer:Job so that you can change the billable status on individual expenses.  Then, click the Create Invoice button.

The Create Invoices window will open along with the Choose Billable Time and Costs window.  In this latter window, select the tab that contains the expense you do not want to bill to the customer.  Next, select the individual expenses whose billable status you’d like to change and place a checkmark in the Hide column for each such expense.  Click Ok to close the Choose Billable Time and Costs window.

You can change the billable status of some expenses at the same time you are invoicing for others.  If you were simply changing the billable status and not invoicing for any expenses, you can close the Create Invoices window without saving your work.  Otherwise, process the invoice as you normally would.

Changing the billable status of an expense does not remove the expense from your accounting records.  The expense will continue to be associated with the specified Customer:Job for job profitability analysis.  It simply will no longer be flagged as an expense that is waiting to be billed to a customer or client.

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  1. Hello,
    I am having an issue because I entered the expense under “write checks” then clicked billable, because it is billable. However, for some reason, even though upon double checking the name on the customer account, when I printed the reimbursement check for the customer it printed with the wrong name. Now I need to go in and edit the name and reprint the check, but I can’t locate the expense entered on the invoice. I don’t want to delete the invoice and just leave it flagged as billed because I would like my books to be as accurate as possible. How can I locate the expense and start the process again?