How Many Vendor Addresses Does QuickBooks 2011 Support?

QuickBooks 2011 now supports 2 vendor addresses; prior versions of QuickBooks supported only 1.

The Shipped From Address field is used on vendor purchase orders. The Billed From Address is used on bills and bill credits, and this address will appear when printing a check to the vendor.

In effect, the Billed From Address is the “remit to” address, which could be a PO box. The Shipped From Address is the vendor’s physical location. The field labels should more clearly reflect these roles since this is how most QuickBooks users will treat them.

Users upgrading to QuickBooks 2011 from prior versions can now add the missing address from vendor records that have different “remit to” and physical locations.

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  1. I know Quickbooks enterprise supports 2 vendor address, however when I try to import the data, the formated sheet only has space for one address. Is there a way around this?

    • If you’re using the techniques to add or edit multiple list entries, then no, there isn’t a way around it. However, you might want to consider downloading Intuit’s Excel & CSV import kit, which is linked on Intuit’s knowledgebase article on importing Excel files. It’s possible those fields are available for importing using that method. We generally don’t recommend using Excel or IIF import, and we when we import lists we use other tools. However, if you backup and are comfortable setting up an import file to exactly match the instructions AND if the fields you want are supported, it might be a viable alternative for you.

  2. That does not resolve my issue. I have vendors with multiple shipped from locations that use the same billing address. I am thinking to use “other name” list and modify the PO layout… to go around to this issue that you did not resolve on version 11. x-(

    • Sorry you’re disappointed, but the disappointment really should be directed to Intuit, the creators of QB. We’re just an independent site offering articles on how to use the program more effectively.