How Do I Unattach a Previously Attached Document In QuickBooks Attached Documents?

From time to time, you may find that you’ve attached a document to the wrong list item or transaction when using QuickBooks Attached Documents.

It’s easy to unattach a previously attached document in QuickBooks Attached Documents once you consider some Attached Documents basics:

  • Unless you want to remove a document from online storage, you can only unattach documents from within QuickBooks itself – not through the web interface
  • QuickBooks refers to the process of unattaching as “deleting the attachment”
  • Deleting an attachment from a linked list item or transaction does not necessarily involve deleting the attachment from documents stored on the Attached Documents server

To unattach a document from a list item or transaction, the first step is open the list of documents currently attached to that list item or transaction. For list items in a Center, such as Vendor Center, click on the paperclip next to the name of the vendor with an attachment that you want to unattach from that list item. For transactions, such as a vendor bill, open the transaction and click the paperclip at the top of the transaction form. Both of these approaches will take you to a list of the documents currently attached to that list item or transaction so that you can delete the attachment. Next, select the attachment you want to unattach and click the Delete button. In the screenshot below, the list of currently attached documents has been redacted.

Upon clicking the Delete button, you’ll see the Delete Attachment window. In this window, you’ll have the option to simply unattach the document but keep the document stored on the Attached Documents servers or to unattach the document and remove the document from Intuit’s servers at the same time. To unattach the document and permanently delete the file, simply click the checkbox for Also permanently delete this document from online storage.

Of course, you can delete a document using the web interface of Attached Documents. That will break the attachment to the list item or transaction in QuickBooks since the document will be removed from online storage. That list item or transaction will appear to have an attachment in QuickBooks until you attempt to access it or run the utility Sync and Clean Up Attachment Links on the Company->Attached Documents->Utilities menu.

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