Our New Forum, Part 2

We’re in the early stages of setting up a forum for new questions that aren’t covered by our QuickBooks KnowledgeBase. We had an active forum before but found the format wasn’t ideal for the material we wanted to present, so we closed it. Still, we missed the opportunity for easier interaction that it offered, so we’re back with a new forum that offers a place to pose questions that we haven’t gotten around to answering.

The look isn’t fully polished yet, and we’re running an alpha version of the forum software, so you may find a rare glitch or two.

But our testing shows that basic functionality works just fine. So without further delay, head on over to our forum and fire away with your questions.

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  1. Martha Hoffman says

    How can I split a check amount that I make between two funds in the same account. I am non-profit running Fund Accounting with Quickbooks. My class totals do not match my Fund totals because of the split. At the upper left hand corner where I must identify what Fund to take the money from, only one fund can be used, but I can make the split by using Classes. How can I do this correctly?

    • Chief Mechanic says

      Martha, is “Fund Accounting” a particular add-on or is that a general description for what you’re doing? If you’re referring to a typical QB form, such as an invoice or sales receipt, skip the class at the top left. Instead, enter multiple line items and record the appropriate class on each. You may not have classes visible on your form template. If that’s the case, visit Lists->Templates and edit the appropriate template that you’re using to record the check. Because of your description, I imagine that you are using a sales receipt, which is a sale/donation + a payment that pays it in full, combined into a separate transaction. You also could have entered this same transaction by entering an invoice, then recording the invoice as paid. For a pledge (that might not be paid in full when it is made), you should be using an invoice. If you use an invoice, you’ll simply edit the invoice to include as many lines as you have classes. If classes aren’t showing on your invoice template, you change that the same way you change the template for sales receipts.