Our QuickBooks KnowledgeBase

We’re hoping version 3 is the charm! We’re out to make our QuickBooks KnowledgeBase content more accessible than ever, with improvements to readability and search. Earlier this year, we transitioned from a dedicated knowledge base software product to a forum. But after listening to user feedback, we concluded that the forum approach was coming up short in the areas of searching for content and integrating with our other site content. So we decided to take the plunge and re-do everything.

Along with overhauling our site design, we’re moving our content to a format based on an outline, which will be displayed in our sidebar on most pages. We’re effectively doubling the ways you find what you’re looking for, because you can search using the categories of the outline and our tags. We have breadcrumbs at the top of each article so you know where you are in your search. And image thumbnails will expand for better viewing. We’ll soon addWe’ve added a print-formatted version of the content, if staring at a computer screen and reading dense accounting software instructions isn’t your style.

Right now, the structure is in place, and content will be moved slowly but surely. The change-over proved more sure than slow. In less than a month, all of the content on the forum has been moved to our new format, and we can resume adding new content on a regular basis. Hopefully, the changes are for the better.