QuickBooks Clean Up Improves Performance

Just like a car, your QuickBooks company file needs regular maintenance to perform optimally. At a minimum, that maintenance should be performed annually. We refer to our specialized program to maintain a QuickBooks company file as our QB Tune Up, something QuickBooks users often generically refer to as a “clean up.” This is the among the most requested QuickBooks consulting services.

From within QuickBooks, you can press F2 to produce the Product Information screen, a sample of which appears nearby. This display shows some basic facts about your QuickBooks installation, including overall file size, database file fragments, the number of list entries, and the date that QuickBooks internal clean-up was last run. This information is important because QuickBooks has limits on the amount of list entries. Overall file size and the number of file fragments impact performance.

Unfortunately, while this basic information is useful, it doesn’t provide much insight into what needs to be cleaned up. Most QuickBooks users define the need for clean up more broadly: improve the accuracy of their accounting data and the performance of QuickBooks.

There are some identifiable operational indicators that it’s time for you to get our QB Tune Up:

  • reports and financial statements produce unexpected results
  • balances shown on detail reports don’t match balance sheet accounts
  • GL chart of accounts has become unwieldy
  • lists contain many outdated entries, increasing transaction entry time and the risk of operator error
  • sluggish system performance

It takes a specialist to develop a specific action plan to solve these data reliability and performance problems. We’ll provide a free, comprehensive analysis of your QuickBooks data file and an estimate of what needs to be done during our QB Tune Up. All of our QuickBooks service programs include free email support for a specified time period.

You don’t want to keep running your accounting system without a regular QB Tune Up.

Contact us today to get started on the road to more accurate, reliable accounting data.

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