QuickBooks Upgrades and Installations

We perform new installations of QuickBooks and third-party add-ons, as well as upgrade older installations to the latest version or to provide support for more simultaneous users.

Intuit has a service discontinuation policy for obsoleting older versions, and generally speaking, a version more than 2 versions prior to the current version becomes obsolete in the April or May following the release of the current version. That means QuickBooks 2010 will be obsolete under this policy in April or May of 2013. Once your version becomes obsolete, you can no longer use the electronic services that Intuit offers, such as online banking, so it’s important to keep your software current.

Therefore, it’s important to budget for upgrading your QuickBooks installation at a minimum at least once every 3 years. Because Intuit is constantly improving QuickBooks, there may be specific reasons why you should upgrade more frequently. For example, the multicurrency features introduced in QuickBooks 2009 represented a significant new feature that can justify the upgrade by itself.

When we install or upgrade QuickBooks, we first assess how much post-installation support you’ll need. We tailor our installation services so that you’ll only pay for what you need to get the most out of QuickBooks. At a minimum, we’ll review your:

  • overall configuration to insure all program features are properly set up and functional
  • chart of accounts to insure it’s suitable for your business
  • QuickBooks security to make sure your accounting software is secure
  • backup procedures to insure you have regular backups to protect against unexpected system failures
  • system configuration to optimize the performance of QuickBooks

You’ll benefit from:

  • enhanced productivity from operating with the right configuration from the start
  • better performance from your accounting software
  • free email support for 1 year

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