What Is an Inventory Part?

An Inventory Part is one type of Item and is maintained on the Lists->Item List menu selection. See our article on all of the Item types supported by QuickBooks for more information. Generally speaking, Items are designed to pre-fill invoicing and purchasing forms. An Inventory Part represents an item that your firm keeps on hand […]

How Do I Collect and Track Sales Tax?

The first step to collect and track sales tax in QuickBooks is to enable the preference to do so. On the Edit->Preferences menu, select the Company Preferences tab on the Sales Tax submenu. Click Yes on the Do you charge sales tax? preference. Once the preference is set, you use: sales tax codes to specify […]

What Is an Inventory Assembly Item?

In QuickBooks an inventory assembly item is a specific type of Item that is the result of putting together a new inventory part out of a bundle of individual items to enable tracking finished goods separately from individual components. Normally, an inventory assembly item is used when separate raw materials are assembled, packaged, and sold […]

What Item Types Does QuickBooks Support?

QuickBooks supports 11 Item Types. Items themselves are maintained on the Lists->Item List menu selection, but the Item Types are pre-configured in QuickBooks and can’t be maintained by a user. The 11 Item Types are: Service Inventory Part Inventory Assembly Non-inventory Part Other Charge Subtotal Group Discount Payment Sales Tax Item Sales Tax Group There […]

Can I Add or Edit Multiple List Entries In QuickBooks?

Starting with QuickBooks 2010 and Enterprise Solutions 10.0, you can add or edit multiple list entries by clicking on the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries menu selection on the Lists menu. However, only certain lists can be manipulated with this feature and not all fields on these lists can be modified. These 5 lists can be […]