Using the Clean Up Company Data Utility

The notion of “spring cleaning” has been around for a long time. In the business accounting world generally and among QuickBooks users specifically, there are several forces that combine to make this a common time of the year for clean up. Financial and tax reporting requirements cause business owners and accountants to take a closer […]

What Does the Clean Up Company Data Utility Do?

The Clean Up Company Data‚Ķ utility performs 2 functions: selectively summarizes closed transactions by creating new general journal entries by month and deletes the summarized transactions selectively removes unused list items, including accounts, items, customers, vendors, other names, and To Do notes The Clean Up utility can accomplish several important goals: improve performance by reducing […]

What Are the Effects of Running the Clean Up Utility?

When the Clean Up utility is run, the effects on a company file (.qbw) can be significant. The goals of the Clean Up utility are to shrink the company file size and to make using that file more efficient. These gains come with some trade-offs. Important considerations when using the Clean Up utility are: Transaction […]