What Are the Changes To QuickBooks Attached Documents For 2012?

Coinciding with the release of QuickBooks 2012, Intuit is making a variety of changes to QuickBooks Attached Documents, a cloud-based document storage system that has been available as an extra-cost add-on for users of QuickBooks 2010 and QuickBooks 2011. For QuickBooks 2010, Intuit’s document storage feature was called QuickBooks Document Management, and the changes impact […]

How Many Vendor Addresses Does QuickBooks 2011 Support?

QuickBooks 2011 now supports 2 vendor addresses; prior versions of QuickBooks supported only 1. The Shipped From Address field is used on vendor purchase orders. The Billed From Address is used on bills and bill credits, and this address will appear when printing a check to the vendor. In effect, the Billed From Address is […]

What’s the New Paid Stamp For QuickBooks 2011?

For QuickBooks 2011, Intuit improved the Paid stamp to reflect the date the customer invoice was paid, as shown in the screenshot below. Unfortunately, a Paid stamp is also applied to vendor bills, and that stamp does not reflect the date the bill was paid.

Did the Multi-User Capability of QuickBooks Pro Change For 2011?

Yes, it did. For QuickBooks Pro versions prior to QuickBooks Pro 2011, a multi-user configuration could consist of up to 5 users. For QuickBooks 2011, that has been reduced from 5 users to 3. The maximum number of users allowed under QuickBooks Premier 2011 remains unchanged at 5. However, because QuickBooks Pro and Premier share […]

What’s New In QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0?

After spending some time exploring QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0 to discover the new features and changes, we came up with this table summarizing what we found. Most of the items in the table are links to articles in our KnowledgeBase. We’ve broken down the changes into our opinion on the different levels of […]

What Is the New History Tab In QuickBooks 2011?

For QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0, Intuit added a History tab to several key windows in QuickBooks: Enter Bills Create Purchase Orders Create Item Receipts Create Invoices Create Credit Memos/Refunds Enter Sales Receipts Unfortunately, it’s not included on the Receive Payments window. The History tab can be quickly opened and closed, and shows a […]

Does QuickBooks 2011 Offer New Online Forms Customization Tools?

Yes, beginning with QuickBooks 2011, users can take advantage of new online QuickBooks Forms Customization tools. Methods to download and modify form templates available in earlier versions of QuickBooks are still available in QuickBooks 2011. The new online tool is largely a vehicle to market Intuit’s forms that are un-related to accounting (such as business […]

What Is the QuickBooks Attached Documents Service?

QuickBooks Attached Documents is a new extra-cost service introduced with QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0 that allows users to attach documents to QuickBooks lists or transactions from within QuickBooks. It replaces the Document Management service introduced with QuickBooks 2010. Versions of QuickBooks prior to QuickBooks 2010 don’t support attaching documents to list items or […]

What Are the Service Changes For QuickBooks 2011?

Starting with QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions, Intuit has announced a variety of service changes. They are: New terms for exchanging Accountant’s Copy files using Intuit’s secure servers QuickBooks Email will disappear unless you’re an active subscriber to another Intuit supported service, such as QuickBooks payroll QuickBooks Attached Documents replaces Document Management Intuit Data Protect […]

What Does the New Collections Center In QuickBooks 2011 Do?

QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0 include a new Collections Center that enables you to quickly and selectively send bulk emails to customers with overdue or almost due invoices. To access the Collections Center, start by opening the Customer Center, then click on the Collections Center link at the top of the window. The Collections […]