What Are the Capabilities of IIF Files?

Intuit Interchange Format (IIF) files are delimited text files used for import and export operations with Intuit data files, such as a QuickBooks company file (.qbw).

In QuickBooks, IIF files have some important limitations, which are discussed in this Intuit knowledgebase article. These files:

  • can’t be used to import linked transactions, such as a link between a customer invoice and a customer payment paying for that invoice
  • can only be used in single-user mode and logged in as the Admin user
  • can’t be used to import or export payroll data
  • can’t be used to export transactions

Because of these limitations and the fact that Intuit doesn’t support their use, IIF files are increasingly becoming obsolete.

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  1. Richard King says

    QB 2010 Pro (UK) – Multi-currency enabled, Classes enabled; Home currency UKP – Euro & GBP bank accounts created. The company file is required to operate in both currencies.

    I am trying to import, from Quicken, Euro transactions. The QIF data has been imported to Excel and an IIF file created. The IIF file bank account is EUR, the amount is EUR and the supplier is EUR.

    Unfortunately I get the error; “The currency of the bank account must either match the currency of the payee receiving the cheque or be the home currency”. So far as I can see those conditions are met.

    I can manually input each transaction successfully so the set up appears ok.

    If I create a bank account in UKP and use UKP payee’s I can successfully import the data and then move the transactions to the intended EUR bank account and, strangely enough, the original EUR amount entered into the holding account, as GBP, remains the same when moved to the EUR account (shows to correct conversion in GBP). Unfortunately it means each transaction has to be edited separately, which is only marginally better than inputting them all by hand.

    Any ideas please, on importing the bulk tranactions?

    • Richard, unfortunately nothing jumps out from what you posted. We only work with US editions of QB, so we’re not able to try similar scenarios to see what the problem might be. You’re also likely to reach a dead-end contacting Intuit, because they don’t support IIF imports. Still, if you go in with low expectations, it might be worth a try; you may get lucky and get someone on the phone who has seen a similar situation before. Best of luck.