What Are the File Types Used By QuickBooks and How Are They Used?

QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions make use of the following file types:

File Types for Common User Tasks:

File Types for Backing Up, Importing/Exporting, and Exchanging Data:

File Types for Working With An Accountant:

The information contained in the tables in this article is also available as a downloadable PDF of QuickBooks file types.

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  1. i cannot open a .qbx file. everytime i tried to open it, the accountant’s copy drop don menu is inactivated.

    • The accountant’s copy drop down is only available in the versions of QB targeted at accountants. In prior years, QB Accountants Edition was 1 of the installation options for QB Premier. For 2012, it’s now a separate product called QB Accountant. QB Pro users would not be able to use the features you’re trying to access.