What Are the System Requirements To Operate QuickBooks?

System requirements for QuickBooks products vary by version.

The minimum system requirements can be found in various Intuit knowledgebase articles based on the product version:

System requirements include:

  • operating systems supported
  • processor, RAM, display, and free disk space requirements
  • CD drive specifications for installation from optical media
  • network requirements
  • additional software requirements, such as Microsoft .NET runtime environment
  • compatibility with other QuickBooks software such as Point of Sale (POS)
  • third-party office productivity software compatibility, such as Microsoft Office
  • firewall and anti-virus compatibility
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  1. Karen DeSimone says

    We have quickbooks 2010. When I reconcile my accounts it balances to 0, however, it freezes. The only way
    I can get my printout of the reconciliation is to shut down, then go into reports and print previous reconciliation.
    Can you tell me how to fix this?
    Thank you,
    Karen DeSimone – Finance Dept.

    • Chief Mechanic says

      This is not the type of problem that can be easily solved via our comments. Nevertheless, here are a few things to check. First, make sure you have the latest release of QB 2010. Bugs are fixed from one release to the next, and if your problem is the result of a bug that’s been fixed, an update will help. Next, run the verify utility and verify your file. Even it passes, run the rebuild utility two times in succession. If your company file fails the verify test, record any error messages before proceeding to rebuild. If you still observe the problem, check your computer to see if it meets the QB system requirements. If you have a fairly current PC, you should be fine; if your hardware is old and has limited resources such as RAM and you have a lot of applications running when you run QB, you may be running out of RAM. Try restarting your PC and only load QB to see if the problem goes away.

      Finally, many of these problems are tied to problems with PDF printer support. You can try to download the Intuit PDF Repair Tool from this Intuit link. Some report that the tool solves problems similar to those you described.

      Note that at this point, QB 2010 is outside of Intuit’s support period, so you may want to consider upgrading to QB 2013.