What Does Error Code 6175 Mean?

According to Intuit, Error Code 6175 is caused because the QuickBooks Database Server Manager couldn’t start or stop.  The Database Server Manager is used in multi-user mode to manage .nd files and keep track of the location of the company file (.qbw).  Possible causes of this error are:

  • the server hosting the company file (.qbw) is busy performing other tasks
  • firewall software is blocking communication between the computer that generated the error and the server where the company file (.qbw) is stored

If the error message is an isolated event, it may mean that the server faced a combination of requests that it couldn’t process in a timely manner.  Simply waiting or rebooting the server will typically restore normal operation.  If the error appears more frequently and blocked communication as a result of improperly configured firewall software can be ruled out, your server may be having difficulty operating under the loads being placed on it.

This error is discussed in this Intuit knowledge base article along with specific port settings used by certain QuickBooks programs.

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