What Does Error Code C=224 Mean?

According to Intuit, Error Code C=224 can occur when:

  • backing up a company file (.qbw) from the File->Save Copy or Backup… menu selection
  • running the Verify Data utility from the File->Utilities->Verify Data menu selection
  • running the Rebuild Data utility from the File->Utilities->Rebuild Data menu selection

This has been resolved in the latest release of QuickBooks.  To verify your QuickBooks release, from within QuickBooks press F2 to display the Product Information window.  The Product shows both your version and release in the upper left corner.

For more information on Error Code C=224, consult this Intuit knowledge base article.

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  1. Ann Marie says

    I am getting this error when I save a new invoice. I am using ProPlus2013 Release R6P+U(121026B). My computer is two years old and I update Windows automatically. I started getting this error a little over a week ago and it has locked up my computer repeatedly. This is just one more bug with 2013. I never had problems with previous incarnations of this software and am really sorry I upgraded to this one. The idea of uninstalling and reinstalling and seeing what happens is not too palatable. I guess if we want to use these products we have to be our own technicians now.

    • Chief Mechanic says

      Perhaps this Intuit article will help: http://support.intuit.ca/quickbooks/en-ca/iq/Data-Integrity-and-Recovery/Error-C-224-in-Company-file/SLN40033.html

      It’s impossible to create bug-free software. Count yourself lucky that you didn’t experience problems with earlier versions of QB, but those versions, like all software, had bugs. Intuit gets a little bit of credit for working to get them fixed. After all, you’re on release 6, so they’ve been hard at work churning out those releases. Hopefully, they’ll knock this one out soon.

      • Ann Marie says

        So am I running the latest release of QuickBooks? It says in above article that it ‘has been resolved in the latest release…’

        I will try the work around, but these things always worry me because it means something else will probably work wrong as a result. I have had several functions stop working in this version of QuickBooks and find customer service such a joy to deal with that I don’t bother. I guess I should ‘count myself lucky’ but I’m not feeling it. It boils down to distrusting something that has become essential to my business.

  2. I am also having a problem with this error C=224 and it is very frustrating. I am using the latest release of quick-books update but the error keeps on recurring. How can I solve it?

    • Chief Mechanic says

      Unfortunately, Intuit’s information on this error is pretty sparse. You say you’re using the latest release of QB, but you don’t provide your version (year) and release. QB errors fall into 3 broad types: a problem with the program, a problem with your data file, or a problem with your basic setup (computer or network). To get to the bottom of it, you have to eliminate those possibilities one by one. You can start with a clean install of the latest release of QB for your version. Have a good backup of your data, then grab a download of the latest release. Only after you have double-checked you have a good backup, remove QB and reboot your computer. Then, reinstall the latest release you downloaded and test. If the problem still persists, investigate whether your file passes a verify. If it does not, that suggests you may have corruption in your company file. If your file does pass verify, evaluate the age of your computer and non-QB related elements of your setup. Generally speaking, a computer more than 3 years old will have problems running a very recent version of QB. Review whether you’ve installed updates for software that might interact with QB, such as Microsoft Office or Acrobat.

      Fixing these problems can be frustrating, especially if they are intermittent. Good luck.

  3. Good afternoon,
    This error message C=224 is extremely frustrating! I’m really tired of trying to open QB and have to keep shutting my computer down. The issue is getting worse. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks, enjoy your day,

    • Chief Mechanic says

      What QB version (year) and release are you running? Have you confirmed those are the latest? The first step in making this error go away is to update to the latest release. Another thing to check is that your computer is up to date on Windows updates. There have been cases where a Windows update that should have been installed long ago leads to a QB release not working as expected.