What Information Does the Integrated Quickbooks Backup Function Actually Back Up?

Over the time, the scope of the information that the QuickBooks backup function actually backs up has increased.  As a result, a backup file (.qbb) is often much bigger than the company file (.qbw) itself.

If you’re using an older version of QuickBooks and you’re relying on the integrated backup function as your sole backup, you should check the Help file included with your version to make sure important files are included.

For QuickBooks 2008 through 2010, here’s a list of what is included in a .QBB file created with the integrated QuickBooks backup function:

  1. The company file (.qbw)
  2. Letters and templates
  3. Logos and images
  4. Printer settings
  5. Spell check files, including the user dictionary
  6. Financial Statement Designer files, including client and data files
  7. The transaction log (.tlg) file
  8. ND files (.nd)
  9. Cash Flow Projector (.cfp) files
  10. Business Planner (.bpw) files
  11. Loan Manager (.lmr) files

For more information on what’s included in a backup, consult this Intuit knowledgebase article.

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