What Is a Group Item?

In QuickBooks a group item is a specific type of Item that is used to quickly enter a bundle of individual items that are typically bought or sold together where tracking the detail on individual items is desired.

See our article on all of the Item types supported by QuickBooks for more information.

It is similar to – but different from – an inventory assembly item, another approach to managing a bundle of individual items. An inventory assembly item is a new item created out of a bundle of individual items, reducing the quantity on hand of the individual items used to create the assembly. Where an inventory assembly item functions like a pre-assembled kit, a group item functions like an “on the fly” kit.

A group item enables a company to track the detail of each individual item in the group while optionally providing a way to simplify information presented to customers and vendors. Data entry is faster because a single group item automatically fills in the information for all of the items in the group.

If the Print items in group box is not checked, QuickBooks will print only the group item itself. A customer or vendor will not see the detail on the individual items included in the group. However, company reports will track the detail of each item in the group.

Here’s an example of invoicing for the group item A1 Custom Storage Shed shown above. Entering the single group item automatically added the 2 individual items that make up the group.

The price of a group item is the sum of the items in the group; the price of the group cannot be changed directly, but the price of each individual item can be changed.

Sales tax for group items is calculated based on the taxable status of each individual item in the group. In the example above, both taxable and non-taxable items are included in the group.

A group item can include any other item except other groups; it cannot be included in an inventory assembly item. There are no reports for group items. Instead, the detail of each individual item in the group is reported.

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  1. Can you create a report based on just the groups? Do not need item level detail but need the group and its price.

  2. How Can I Print Out An Inventory List of the Items from a Group List ?

    • Chief Mechanic says

      Unfortunately, you can’t do that within QB. One solution would be to open the group item and use a screen capture tool to capture the list of items.

  3. Cherise Hinds says

    Once I have set up a group item how can I delete an item from the grouped items

    • Chief Mechanic says

      Open the group item and press Ctrl + Del on the line you want to delete. If it is the last item, you can delete all of the data in the row.