What’s New In QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0?

After spending some time exploring QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0 to discover the new features and changes, we came up with this table summarizing what we found. Most of the items in the table are links to articles in our KnowledgeBase.

We’ve broken down the changes into our opinion on the different levels of importance:

  • Blockbuster – a major addition whose absence could be a deal-breaker for some firms
  • Enhancement – a significant improvement but probably doesn’t rise to the level of Blockbuster for most firms
  • Tweak – a subtle improvement
  • Marketing Gimmick – an effort to sell more Intuit products or services
  • Cut Back – a reduction to the level of service in the prior version

Unfortunately, we didn’t come across any features that we’d characterize as blockbusters. Having been forced to give users ways to shut off some of the Marketing Gimmicks introduced in QuickBooks 2010, Intuit smartly decided not to overdo the Marketing Gimmicks in the new 2011 version.

Applies ToNew Feature / ChangeImportance
AllHistory tab on selected customer & vendor transaction windowsTweak
AllStamp on paid customer invoices shows date paidTweak
AllBatch invoicing capability to send a invoice to a group of customers, such as billing for a membership feeEnhancement
Premier, Enterprise SolutionsBalance Sheet By Class report to support fund accounting, commonly used by non-profits or government entitiesEnhancement
ProReduce the maximum number of users in a multi-user configuration from 5 to 3Cut Back
AllOnline forms customization toolsMarketing Gimmick
AllIntuit Data Protect service replaces Online Back-up to backup to Intuit's secure serversTweak
AllAttached Documents replaces Document Management to attach documents to lists & transactions within QuickBooksEnhancement
AllCollections Center to facilitate sending bulk emails to customers with overdue or pending invoicesEnhancement
AllSupport for web-based email services to send formsTweak
AllRemoval of support for QuickBooks E-mail unless you subscribe to extra-cost servicesCut Back
Premier Accountant only, Enterprise SolutionsAbility to work in 2 QuickBooks files from the same version -- but only applies to narrow range of productsEnhancement
Enterprise SolutionsTrack inventory in multiple locations using the extra-cost Advanced Inventory online serviceEnhancement
AllAddition of new Shipped From Address to allow tracking different "remit to" and physical locationsTweak

The columns are sortable, so you can find what we think is important and what applies to your configuration by clicking on the appropriate column.

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