What Is the New History Tab In QuickBooks 2011?

For QuickBooks 2011 and Enterprise Solutions 11.0, Intuit added a History tab to several key windows in QuickBooks:

  • Enter Bills
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Create Item Receipts
  • Create Invoices
  • Create Credit Memos/Refunds
  • Enter Sales Receipts

Unfortunately, it’s not included on the Receive Payments window.

The History tab can be quickly opened and closed, and shows a Summary, Recent Transactions, and Notes for the vendor or customer.

Here’s the History tab in its closed state. To open it, just click on the left-pointing arrow.

With the tab open, you can close it by clicking on the right-pointing arrow.

Each History tab contains intelligent links to functions that allow you to edit the displayed entity, edit notes, and prepare pre-filtered reports. For example, the Open Balance link in the Enter Bills window opens a pre-filtered Vendor Open Balance report, which is a modified Unpaid Bills Detail report for the currently displayed vendor.

By providing an easy way to display recent activity during transaction entry, the History tab will help to reduce the chance of erroneously recording a duplicate transaction.

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