What Is the QBWIN.LOG File and What Function Does It Serve?

The QBWin.log file is a text file that stores information about selected QuickBooks errors and the results of verifying, rebuilding, cleaning up, or upgrading, or converting a company file.

This file is created the first time you:

To locate or view the QBWin.log file, from within QuickBooks press F2 or Ctrl +1 to open the Product Information window.  With the Product Information window open, press F3 or Ctrl + 2 to open the Tech Help window.  With the Tech Help window open, click the Open File tab and scroll down in the file list to the QBWin.log file.  To display the full file path, click the Path On/Off or use the keyboard shortcut Alt + p button.  To view the file in your default editor for text files (normally Windows Notepad), click Open File or use the keyboard shortcut Alt + o.

For more information on locating the QBWin.log, consult this Intuit knowledge base article.

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