What Item Types Does QuickBooks Support?

QuickBooks supports 11 Item Types.

Items themselves are maintained on the Lists->Item List menu selection, but the Item Types are pre-configured in QuickBooks and can’t be maintained by a user.

The 11 Item Types are:

  1. Service
  2. Inventory Part
  3. Inventory Assembly
  4. Non-inventory Part
  5. Other Charge
  6. Subtotal
  7. Group
  8. Discount
  9. Payment
  10. Sales Tax Item
  11. Sales Tax Group

There is a 12th Item Type, Fixed Asset, which is maintained on the Lists->Fixed Asset Item List menu selection.

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  1. I run a dance studio & want to ‘computerize’ the operations. I am investigating QuickBooks.
    I sell the service of various types of dance classes. a) Can I “bundle” services under a few different master services? E.G. The service called “Junior Competitive Team” consists of separate classes for ballet, hip hop, contemporary and jazz. The price is one package deal. I sell each of these classes separately to our recreational students.
    b) On the invoice I would like to invoice “Junior Competitive Team” showing one price but the invoice lists each of the classes involved so parents see what they are getting.
    Can QB do this?

  2. Soy Phaleng says:

    Quick book is the most Microsoft that it is easy for user,but now my quick book why in type of item it show only:
    -Inventory Part
    -None inventory part
    -Other charge
    -Sale tax item
    -Sale tax group

    But not show me for (Assembly Inventory) ,Please kindly to show me about the solution.

    • Chief Mechanic says:

      Are you using QB Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Solutions? Inventory assemblies are only available in Premier and Enterprise Solutions; they are not available in Pro. If you have Pro and need inventory assemblies, your only option is to upgrade to Premier.

      Hope that helps.